How does cosmetic grade nicotinamide delay skin aging?

The effect of nicotinamide a lot, especially for our skin, can help us to solve a variety of skin problems, such as medical use nicotinamide to solve in the process of acne, dermatitis, pellagra, sunlight rash, etc., and in the skin care we often used in the cosmetic grade nicotinamide, it can improve skin color and elasticity, etc. Generally, we think of nicotinamide as a cell protector for the skin.

Skin aging is mainly caused by oxidative stress response affecting telomere length, and there are many factors such as environmental pollution, disease, medication, sun exposure and bad living habits. In daily life, cosmetic grade nicotinamide skin care products are selected to prevent cell membrane phosphatidylserine damage in oxidative stress reaction through special inhibition of cosmetic grade nicotinamide ingredients, and reverse the sustained apoptosis damage in the early stage of oxidative stress, so as to slow down skin aging.

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide can effectively promote protein synthesis of skin epidermis and microcirculation of dermis, thus achieving the purpose of enhancing and repairing skin barrier function, but also reduce the damage caused by free radicals, moisturizing.

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