What effect does cosmetic grade nicotinamide have on melanin?

Nicotinamide applied in the treatment of skin and all kinds of skin care products is very common, is mainly used in health care medical grade niacinamide, while in the lotion, repair cream, essence, sunscreen, creams and other skincare products grade is used in cosmetics, cosmetic grade nicotinamide, is a relatively safe, less dosage and low cost, and it has a variety of excellent performance, For example, whitening, maintaining, reducing pigmentation, brightening skin, delaying aging, acne, anti-wrinkle, etc., the problems it can solve almost include our daily needs.

From the whitening effect began to gradually understand the composition of cosmetic grade nicotinamide, so that we gradually began to pay attention to it. Our skin color and melanin, red blood, and closely related materials such as carotenoids, especially the melanin, it plays a key role, melanin content and distribution of skin color has a great influence, the more melanin, the deeper the color, but cosmetics level nicotinamide can inhibit the production of melanin, activate cyclic nucleotides phosphodiesterase 3, 5, An enzyme that stimulates the breakdown of 3, 5-cyclic adenosine in the hormone melanocyte, thereby inhibiting melanin production. Cosmetic grade nicotinamide not only inhibits melanin production, but also reduces melanin that has already been produced.

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