What is the purpose of cosmetic grade nicotinamide in skin care products?

Nicotinamide, as a drug component, has high safety, and is mainly used as a basic vitamin supplement in dermatology in clinical application for the treatment of acne and photosensitive dermatitis. In fact, nicotinamide is not only widely used in pharmaceutical preparations, but also widely exists in all kinds of skin care products.

Nicotinamide used in skin care products is mainly cosmetic grade nicotinamide, with whitening, moisturizing, delaying aging, fade spots and other effects, according to the regulations of 2% to 5% added use. After years of use, cosmetic grade nicotinamide is considered to be a very cost-effective components, compared with other equivalent efficacy composition, cosmetics nicotinamide relatively cheap price, mature technology, accessible, and there are a lot of manufacturers and the concentration to choose from, therefore, cosmetic grade nicotinamide can be widely used in all kinds of skin care products.

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