How does cosmetic grade nicotinamide inhibit melanin deposition?

Many people are curious about the relationship between niacin and nicotinamide, so let’s take a brief look at it today.

Nicotinic acid and nicotinamide is a very simple transformation relations, nicotinic acid absorbed by the body after can be transformed into niacinamide, therefore, there are many similar between, also has certain differences, such as niacin and niacinamide acid, alkaline, nicotinic acid as acid, nicotinamide as weak alkaline, nicotinamide as ingredient commonly used in cosmetics, also meet the acid and alkaline of cosmetics, The acid is irritating to the skin, and the cosmetic grade nicotinamide is chosen, which is a special grade in the cosmetic field and meets the requirements of cosmetic production.

Level in the field of cosmetics, cosmetics nicotinamide is an important component, acid alkali not only appropriate, but it also has multiple functions, such as in the formation of melanin cells and keratin cells play the role of small inhibit melanin body transfer between to inhibit serine protease activated receptor activation, makes melanin small body can’t normal transmission, thus inhibiting melanin precipitation, whitening the skin.

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