Cosmetic grade nicotinamide is commonly used in skin care products

Does cosmetic grade nicotinamide really have whitening effect? I think we’d all like to know the answer to that question. It is understood that a few cosmetic grade nicotinamide is proven by science one of safe and effective whitening ingredients, so far, the cosmetic grade nicotinamide is also our production technology currently used more and more mature a whitening ingredients, our own observation cosmetics raw material list, you will find that the cosmetic grade nicotinamide exists in mid-range to protect skin to taste, It’s also found in high-end skin care products, which shows how common it is.

The level of nicotinamide can play a role of whitening cosmetics, the main is that it can effectively reduce the melanin has generated, by accelerating the metabolism of corneous layer, can replace has deposition of melanin, in addition, the cosmetic grade nicotinamide can inhibit the generation of new melanin, therefore, cosmetic grade nicotinamide can have obvious whitening effect.

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