Which skin care effects can have cosmetic grade nicotinamide play?

Nicotinamide after industrial production, is mainly divided into pharmaceutical grade, cosmetic grade, food grade, feed grade, among them, the pharmaceutical grade standard is also in line with the application of cosmetic products. Cosmetic grade nicotinamide can be added and used in cosmetics acting on the skin to improve the skin and play an optimized role.

The use of cosmetic grade nicotinamide in cosmetics is more conventional role is whitening, this is also a cosmetic grade nicotinamide most know about the effect, in fact, there are wrinkles, light spots, narrow pores and other effects. Cosmetic grade nicotinamide is applied in skin care products with a variety of mechanisms, which can prevent melanin precipitation to keratinocytes, promote melanin cell metabolism and skin synthesis of epidermal protein, so as to whiten and light spots.

At present, the application of cosmetic grade nicotinamide in skin care products and cosmetics has been recognized by everyone, and has laid a foundation for its application. The application of cosmetic grade nicotinamide is becoming more and more common.

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