Are homemade cosmetic grade nicotinamide products safe?

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide is a very powerful substance. How powerful is it? It can solve a lot of skin problems actually, control oil for instance, repair, beautiful white, moist, fight the function such as aging to help you solve the skin problem of vast part.

Cosmetics level nicotinamide in body milk, cream, cream, lotion, etc are very common in the daily skin care products, but in the use of the product purity is a certain difference, we don’t suggest the consumers to level is added in the skincare cosmetics niacinamide, which is very irrational behavior, the various products add cosmetic grade nicotinamide are the deep study on the formulation, Through the appropriate ratio to achieve the effect of use, their own use, may not bring very serious consequences, but may be greatly reduced to the effect you expect, therefore, we should use regular channels to buy regular manufacturers produced cosmetic grade nicotinamide products.

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