What effect can cosmetic grade nicotinamide protect skin have on dermis?

Due to the local external use of cosmetic grade nicotinamide helps to improve the level of free fat and ceramide in the skin, stimulate the microcirculation of dermis, prevent water loss from the skin, visible daily use of cosmetic grade nicotinamide skin care products can really play a moisturizing effect oh!

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide not only can promote the metabolism, but also can promote protein synthesis, accelerate keratin cell differentiation, it can also relieve the stimulation of surfactant on the skin, therefore, cosmetic grade nicotinamide used in skin care products added during the production, can also be used to reduce the other ingredients in the products to stimulate the skin.

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide used with glycerin, moisturizing effect will be better, but also can significantly relieve the symptoms of dry skin, keep skin hydrated, and cosmetic grade nicotinamide is low cost, high safety, therefore, it is an important raw material for many skin care products.

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