Can cosmetic grade nicotinamide be absorbed well by the skin?

Nicotinamide is a very important member of the vitamin family, also known as vitamin B3, which is an ingredient with a variety of skin care functions. As early as in the 1970s, nicotinamide and sunscreen were added to cream systems to whiten the skin. Currently, cosmetic grade nicotinamide is added to skin care products, which can promote the decomposition of 3, 5-cyclic adenosine into adenine-5-monophosphate by stimulating the cyclic 3, 5-nucleotide phosphodiesterase, thereby reducing the production of melanin.

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide is a small molecule substance, which can be directly absorbed and utilized by cells to balance skin energy, restore cell energy, accelerate collagen synthesis, promote keratinocyte shedding containing melanin, and effectively avoid excessive precipitation of melanin.

Using skin care products with cosmetics-grade nicotinamide can achieve the whitening function we need, but we need to try before using to make sure that it is suitable for our skin.

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