Is cosmetic grade nicotinamide safe to use?

In our daily life, and due to external factors such as environmental pollution, uv radiation and the influence of its own internal factors, our skin may appear dark yellow, brown spots, pore bulky, peeling and dryness and wrinkles, both men and women, old man or children, do not want their skin problems, not only beautiful, healthy skin And also have the effect that promotes self-confidence to us, but actual, we still can usher in a few skin problems. As early as the end of the 20th century, it was discovered that 2% cosmetic grade nicotinamide applied to moisturizers can effectively delay the aging of the skin, but also reduce wrinkles, alleviate the problem of large pores, peeling, making the skin smoother.

In recent years, with the in-depth study of cosmetic grade nicotinamide and experiments, the application of cosmetics level nicotinamide has a breakthrough, body lotions, creams, in essence, milk products, such as adding cosmetics level nicotinamide product is becoming more and more recognition of this is international, our use of cosmetic grade nicotinamide with clear rules, Although cosmetic grade nicotinamide is highly safe, excessive long-term use is still not recommended.

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