Are you still troubled by the use of cosmetics containing cosmetic grade nicotinamide?

Many cosmetic consumers will worry about the use of cosmetic grade nicotinamide peeling, itching, redness and other allergic symptoms, we often call it skin intolerance to cosmetic grade nicotinamide, which has a certain relationship with consumers’ own constitution, cosmetic grade nicotinamide purity, processing technology, product formula and other factors.

What should we do if we have an intolerance to cosmetic grade nicotinamide? Do YOU need to just throw away your new cosmetics purchases?

In fact, there is a certain probability of using cosmetic grade nicotinamide intolerance, most consumers can still adapt to cosmetic grade nicotinamide, and for a small number of consumers’ skin intolerance symptoms, it is suggested to try two methods. The first method is to reduce the concentration of the use of cosmetic grade nicotinamide, such as after the use of lotion and then use cosmetics containing cosmetic grade nicotinamide, until the skin can adapt, can gradually increase the concentration, until the normal use of cosmetics containing cosmetic grade nicotinamide. The second is to shorten the use time of cosmetic grade nicotinamide cosmetics on the skin. After the skin can adapt, the use time can be gradually extended to normal. Are you still worried about using cosmetic grade nicotinamide intolerance?

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