What skin problems can cosmetic grade nicotinamide solve?

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide, also known as cosmetic grade nicotinamide or nicotinamide, has been a popular ingredient in skin care products and is a water-soluble and active form of vitamin B3.

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide can play a variety of roles in skin care products, such as improving skin pigmentation, wrinkles, pigmentation, sebum secretion, acne and other skin problems, can play its role. In fact, nicotinamide is not only used in skin care products, it is also very common in some skin medicines.

It is understood that the use of nicotinamide grade can be divided into cosmetic grade and pharmaceutical grade, two grades of nicotinamide application are very wide. Nicotinamide plays an important role in the normal functioning of our skin, digestive tract and nervous system, and it can also improve myocardial endothelial function, anti-inflammatory, glossitis, stomatitis, pellagra and so on.

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