Is cosmetic-grade nicotinamide a whitening ingredient we can’t live without?

As a derivative of vitamin B3, cosmetic grade nicotinamide is known to us because it has the whitening effect we need. In fact, it can not only help us to brighten skin color, but also reduce skin wrinkles, increase elasticity, narrow pores, anti-aging, relieve acne and other problems. Cosmetic grade nicotinamide can enhance the barrier function of our skin and play a role in some common skin problems.

Generally in the cosmetics, cosmetics level nicotinamide as whitening ingredients when using concentration will be controlled at 2% ~ 5%, not only can whiten, but also can cause excessive pigment AD cool-headed to chloasma, uv can also play a role, it is said that the cosmetic grade nicotinamide and n-acetyl glucosamine use effect will be more together, is it?

In a double-blind, matrix controlled human study, we found that nicotinamide and n-acetylglucosamine cosmetics were well tolerated in healthy human skin and had some effect on reducing pigmentation. So, when we are choosing cosmetics, it is good to choose ingredients according to their needs.

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