Why should the person with dark skin use cosmetic grade nicotinamide?

From our observation of cosmetics and skin care products, we find that many products have added an ingredient called cosmetic grade nicotinamide. What kind of ingredient makes it appear in many cosmetics and skin care products?

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide can be used in cosmetics and skin care products mainly because it has various effects on the skin, mainly including accelerating metabolism, promoting collagen synthesis, anti-glycosylation and spot fading.

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide is a small molecule that can enter our skin through skin cells, accelerate cell metabolism, promote the metabolism of our skin, and improve the skin condition. Cosmetic-grade nicotinamide boosts collagen production in the upper layer of our skin, making it look hydrated and elastic. For people with dark skin, cosmetics level nicotinamide can prevent skin saccharification, because our bodies are constantly, such as oxidation, decomposition, deposition of protein material will occur, saccharification and decomposition, decomposition of the material can not be skin metabolism, it is easy to appear the melanin and dark spots, through cosmetics level nicotinamide can inhibit saccharification, promote the skin becomes white and glossy.

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