What is the effect of nicotinamide on melanin?

The main function of nicotinamide is to whiten the skin. The blackening of our skin is mainly related to the synthesis of melanin in the body. If the synthetic melanin cannot be excreted from the body, it will be deposited on the surface of the skin, and the deposited melanin makes people look bad. Nicotinamide’s role is to help us break down and eliminate melanin in the body, and reduce melanin deposition on the surface of the skin, the skin will naturally become pale and shiny.

In addition to improving melanin problems, nicotinamide also boosts metabolism in our bodies. Some women are prone to acne and acne because of the accumulation of oily substances in the hair follicles in the body. Nicotinamide can help us solve this problem and let our oil secrete outside the body without affecting the condition of the skin.

Nicotinamide can make the skin look more hydrated, by locking the skin deep moisture, and shrink pores, long-term proper use, the whole skin will appear hydrated and healthy, visible nicotinamide is used in our daily skin care is how important!

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