What features do 25-Hydroxy Calcifediol possess?

Vitamin D3 is the precursor to the 25-Hydroxy Calcifediol, which is Hydroxy to produce the active product 25-hydroxy Calcifediol. It is also the main form of vitamin D3 stored in our bodies and an important intermediate metabolite of vitamin D, providing excellent stability. While vitamin D itself is not biologically active, the conversion to 25-hydroxy Calcifediol does its biological function.

The 25-hydroxy Calcifediol, also known as cholecalciferol in medical practice, is better absorbed than vitamin D3 and can be absorbed directly from the intestine into the circulation, effectively increasing the 25-hydroxy Calcifediol levels in the blood. The 25-hydroxy Calcifediol plays an important role in maintaining normal development, bone and muscle function, and so on, and is aware of its importance to health.

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