What foods contain tyramine?

Tyramine is found in some fermented or yeast-containing foods, such as cheese, yeast, leftovers, beans, etc. It can be formed naturally during food aging or protein breakdown, so these foods are also the main sources of tyramine.

Both mature and aged kinds of cheese also contain tyramine, which is a byproduct of the aging process. Unaged cheeses such as cream cheese, ricotta, and cottage cheese are free of tyramine and are safe to eat. So, what factors are related to tyramine levels in foods? It is not only related to the aging method but also affected by processing technology, strains, and other factors.

Tyramine may cause some allergic reactions, such as hives and asthma, but it is still widely used in medicine to overcome its weaknesses. It not only helps to contract the uterus and peripheral nerves but also increases blood pressure.

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