How is the freckle effect of nicotinamide?

Many friends with freckles on the skin want to use skin care products to remove freckles, I heard that nicotinamide has a certain effect on freckles, can it remove freckles?

Let’s first understand the formation of spots, due to the increase of melanin in the skin and the formation of spots, under normal circumstances, melanin will be excreted with metabolism, but in some people with a slow metabolism, melanin is not easy to discharge, and there will be spots. Nicotinamide has a certain freckle effect. It can reduce the transfer of melanin that has been formed in the skin to the skin surface, and accelerate the exfoliation of the keratin-containing melanocytes. After a period of use, the spots will be diluted.

But it should be noted that the freckle effect of nicotinamide varies from person to person, and the freckle effect will change with the severity of pigmentation and age of pigmentation. For patients with large spot areas, the role of nicotinamide can whiten and moisturize skin, but the freckle removal effect is not obvious.

Can nicotinamide whiten? It has a certain effect. Nicotinamide can prevent the transfer of melanin to keratinocytes in the body, and promote metabolism in the body, thus speeding up the decomposition of melanin in the body, preventing melanin particles from being transported out of the cortex, effectively blocking melanin signals, reducing skin darkness and darkness, make the skin fairer and shinier.

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