What grades of nicotinamide are available?

Nicotinamide is a vitamin B derivative widely found in fish, meat, nuts, mushrooms and other foods. The substance is widely added and used in cosmetics, medicine, daily chemicals and other fields.

There are many grades of nicotinamide, such as cosmetic grade nicotinamide, pharmaceutical grade nicotinamide, industrial grade nicotinamide and so on. Among many nicotinamide, cosmetic grade nicotinamide is inseparable from most People’s Daily life. It exists in our creams, lotions, moisturizing creams, essences and other products. I think most of the female friends are familiar with it. Why can cosmetic grade nicotinamide be used so widely in cosmetic products? So, let’s take a look at what it does.

Many of us knew the cosmetic grade nicotinamide begins it has whitening effect, in fact, its role is not only hereat, and anti-aging, fade melanin, antioxidant, inhibition and reduce melanin precipitation, moist skin, we think that is a very high cost performance in cosmetics industry composition, with technology mature and perfect, Compared with the same functional components in price and quality, it has more advantages.

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