How can we protect ourselves when handling caffeic acid?

Caffeic acid is a yellowish-looking powder found naturally in coffee, edible and non-edible plants. Caffeic acid’s alkaline solution is orange-red and appears dark green when encountered with ferric chloride solution. The morphology of caffeic acid is different with different preparation methods. Caffeic acid obtained from concentrated aqueous solution is yellow crystal, while caffeic acid obtained from dilute aqueous solution is monohydrate. The solubility of caffeic acid in hot water and cold ethanol is better, while the solubility in cold water is relatively weak.

Caffeic acid is irritating for our skin, eyes, etc, and there may be some damage to the environment, because we need pay attention to the operation mode in the use of caffeic acid, completes the corresponding protective measures, such as wear chemical safety goggles, in anti-static overalls, wear protective gloves, do not smoke at the scene of the work, if caffeic acid of high concentration is higher, so, Normal protective glasses are not enough to ensure safety. Gas masks are recommended. Self-contained breathing apparatus should be worn in the event of caffeic acid leakage. Caffeic acid has excellent performance and can be applied in many fields, but the use of caffeic acid still needs standardized operation to avoid danger.

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