Why are high concentrations of cosmetic-grade nicotinamide not recommended?

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide and retinol are two different ingredients, but they both have anti-aging properties on the skin, so can they be used together? The answer is that they can be used together. In addition to anti-aging, cosmetic grade nicotinamide also has whitening, moisturizing, oil control and other functions, which can play a variety of effects. If cosmetic grade nicotinamide and retinol are used together, what is the order in which they are used?

Almost all people can use cosmetic grade nicotinamide and retinol, but adaptation depends on the skin’s acceptance of both concentrations. It is generally not recommended to use high concentrations of cosmetic grade nicotinamide and retinol at the same time, because it will increase the chance of skin intolerance. How do you make your skin tolerant to both cosmetic grade nicotinamide and retinol? In fact, long-term use of these two ingredients can produce some tolerance, but still not recommended in high concentrations, so as not to harm the skin.

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