How to use nicotinamide solution to improve skin condition?

Now there are a lot of skin care products containing nicotinamide on the market, what is the latest popular nicotinamide stock solution? How do you use it?

Nicotinamide original solution is a concentrated single functional component of nicotinamide skin care products, with whitening and brightening, light spots to remove wrinkles, promoting skin epidermal protein synthesis, moisturizing and moisturizing, promoting hair follicle blood circulation, and other functions.

Before using nicotinamide solution, clean the face first. When the face is wet, apply an appropriate amount of nicotinamide solution on the face, and then carry out the following skin care procedures. Some people do not adapt to the high concentration of nicotinamide, which can be added to the emulsion, moisturizer, essence, and body milk to reduce the use of nicotinamide concentration. Although nicotinamide liquid has many skin care effects, for ordinary people, once a day is enough. If you want to quickly improve poor skin condition, you can also increase the number of uses appropriately, but it must be built based on avoiding skin allergy.

With the increase of age, the body function begins to weaken, the facial protein regeneration rate begins to slow down, and nicotinamide can promote the basic metabolism of the skin, enhance the skin defense, and increase the water content of skin cells, therefore, nicotinamide also has the anti-aging effect.

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