Why does hydroxytyrosol have a strong antioxidant effect?

In the face of all kinds of pollution from the outside world, such as industry, radiation, strong ultraviolet, and so on, in the case of long-term pollution, free radicals in our body will be destroyed, which will further harm our health, leading to skin diseases, blood diseases, cancer, and other diseases. Therefore, the antioxidant effect is a very important measure. However, as a substance with a strong antioxidant effect, hydroxytyrosol, Not only is easy to be absorbed by the human body, but its antioxidant value is up to 40,000 μmol TE/g, which shows how strong the antioxidant activity is. Of course, this property is closely related to the structure of hydroxytyrosol itself.

Hydroxytyrosol is naturally found in olive fruits and leaves. The hydroxytyrosol we see on the market is usually white to brownish-yellow powder with various purity levels. We can choose the appropriate purity according to the actual needs.

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