How is hydroxytyrosol obtained by chemical synthesis?

Hydroxytyrosol is a kind of ingredient that can be used in medicine, cosmetics, daily chemical products and other fields. It can play an important role in bacteriostasis, anti-inflammation and anti-cancer.

Hydroxytyrosol can be hydrolyzed by enzyme or acid and extracted from olive oil waste as raw material. On the other hand, hydroxytyosol can also be prepared by chemical synthesis.

On chemical synthesis of hydroxyl tyrosol, it was a 3, 4-2 hydroxy benzene acetic acid by hydroxyl butyl alcohol as raw materials, another is by biocatalysis or chemical method for butyl alcohol and benzene ethanol conversion to obtain hydroxytyrosol, this method, due to raw materials and reaction is limited by a certain, therefore, used only for laboratory. Other methods are also available, using catechol and glyoxylic acid as raw materials for the synthesis of hydroxytyrosol. There are many ways to prepare hydroxytyrosol, but which one is more in line with environmental protection, safety, economy, convenience and other conditions?

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