Why is hydroxytyrosol used in cosmetics?

Because of the special biological activity of hydroxytyrosol, it has a broad application prospect in medicine, food additives, nutrition and health care products and cosmetics.

In the field of medicine, hydroxytyrosol can be used as pharmaceutical intermediates, which can be used for the recovery of some diseases and enhance the therapeutic effect.

In the field of food additives, hydroxytyrosol is mainly used as edible antibacterial agent and antioxidant, which can inhibit the oxidation and deterioration of food. Hydroxytyrosol at appropriate concentration can also increase the oxidation stability of food and delay spoilage, which has been used in bakery food, meat products, edible oil, beverage and other products.

In the field of nutrition and health care products, hydroxytyrosol can improve food quality, nutritional characteristics and reduce the threat to health.

In the field of cosmetics, hydroxytyrosol is mainly used in the emulsifying system of cosmetic preparations, which can protect skin epidermal cells.

With the improvement and innovation of technology, the application of hydroxytyrosol will be more and better serve our health!

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