Why is hydroxytyrosol used in skin care products?

Hydroxytyrosol is a phenolic compound derived from olive oil and wastewater produced during the processing of olive oil. It is a new skin care ingredient in the beauty industry. Due to its multiple biological and pharmacological activities, Hydroxytyosol has been used in medicine, health care, food and other industries. Hydroxytyrosol has also opened the door to the skincare industry.

Our skin in the process of contact with the outside world, will constantly produce free radicals, free radicals will cause cell structure damage and apoptosis, and even make the skin dull, aging, sensitive and other symptoms. Hydroxytyrosol has a higher ability to scour free radicals and its antioxidant power surpasses vitamin C and anthocyanins. Hydroxytyrosol also absorbs and breaks down UV rays, protects the skin from UV damage, scavs internal oxygen free radicals, and repairs oxidative damage. Therefore, there is no need to doubt Hydroxytyrosol’s use in skin care products.

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