Why is hydroxytyrosol used in skin care products?

Hydroxytyrosol is a new ingredient in skin care. It is a phenolic compound and can be obtained from olive oil and wastewater produced by processing olive oil. Hydroxytyrosol is widely used in cosmetics, medicine, health care, food and other fields. Deeply welcomed by many production industries.

Because we are in contact with the outside world in the process, our skin will continue to produce free radicals, which will bring damage to the cell structure, at the same time, will also make cell apoptosis, and even appear dark skin, allergy and other phenomena, how to clear free radicals? Hydroxytyrosol has more antioxidant power than vitamin C or anthocyanins. It also absorbs and breaks down UV rays to protect skin from uv damage and helps clear up internal oxygen free radicals. It can also repair oxidative damage, so Hydroxytyrosol is an important ingredient in skin care products.

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