Synthetic dyes are often environmentally harmful. They smell bad, can be toxic, and they use an enormous amount of water. Indigoidine is the solution to this dyeing problem. Indigoidine is a natural deep blue colored dye that is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and is produced more efficiently. Indigoidine is a small molecule natural dye that is made from two molecules of glutamine (amino acid). This is the only natural blue dye that can be produced through fermentation in industrial scale.

The discovery and development of the production process of this blue dye is motivated by our goal to provide customers with a truly natural blue dye. Indigoidine provides for perfect dyeing capabilities for cosmetic, clothing, food, beverages, and paper. Viablife is able to produce indigoidine that has a purity of >96%. If you interested in indigoidine or Viablife please email us at!

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