Why may intolerance occur with cosmetic grade nicotinamide?

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide is a skin care ingredient with a variety of functions, such as whitening, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, whitening, etc. At present, from the application of cosmetic grade nicotinamide, it is widely used in skin care products, and occupies a certain position in this field.

Cosmetic grade whitening effect of nicotinamide gave us a very deep impression, it can play the whitening effect because cosmetics level the nicotinamide can reduce the melanin has generated, can also inhibit the production of melanin, from two aspects to the melanin so as to achieve whitening effect, at the same time, also can lighten pigmentation, improve skin.

Although cosmetic grade nicotinamide has many benefits, it is not suitable for all skin types and is generally not recommended for allergic skin. In the cosmetic grade nicotinamide products we use, there is basically more or less niacin as an impurity, which is a very irritating ingredient. Since the concentration of cosmetic grade niacinamide itself is 2% to 5%, and niacin is not doped much, this is why some skin is not allergic, while others can cause allergies. Therefore, when choosing skin care products, it is usually recommended to try them first. If there is no allergy, they can be used normally.

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