What industries does L-tyrosine sell well?

L-tyrosine is a mainly white needle-like crystal or crystalline powder with a bitter taste. Its molecular formula is C9H11NO3, molecular weight is 181.19, and CAS number is 60-18-4. It is a relatively popular product in pharmaceutical, chemical, feed, food, and other industries.

L-tyrosine, often known as (2S,3R) -2-amino-3-p-hydroxymethylpropionic acid, is a naturally occurring aromatic amino acid in various proteins. It is very rich in casein content in milk, and L-tyrosine, as an important nutritional essential amino acid for humans and animals, plays an important role in promoting metabolism and growth, and development. At present, L-tyrosine is widely used in food, medicine, the chemical industry, feed, and other fields. In the field of medicine, L-tyrosine can be used as medical intermediates and raw materials to produce drugs for the treatment of encephalitis, polio and hyperthyroidism, and other diseases. L-tyrosine is used in the food and feed industries as a nutritional supplement, and as a flavor enhancer in dairy products and forages. In addition, L-tyrosine can also be used as raw material for organic synthesis in the organic chemical industry.

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