Learn more about the functions of cosmetic-grade nicotinamide

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide exists in many varieties and brands of skin care products, some skin care products one or two hundred, some skin care products thousands of yuan, it is possible to add cosmetic grade nicotinamide, especially in the whitening skin care products, the use of more common.

At present, the big department to have more obvious whitening the skin effect of the main products is the use of the cosmetic grade niacinamide, in fact, there are more to the more people began to understand the ingredients, whitening is not the only effect of cosmetic grade niacinamide, and containment, moisturizing, repairing, we just know cosmetic grade nicotinamide mainly because of its excellent whitening effect. Here we also want to remind consumers that cosmetic grade nicotinamide is indeed a good ingredient, but not for everyone. It is recommended to carry out a skin test before use, and then choose whether to choose skin care products containing cosmetic grade nicotinamide.

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