Why is it recommended to start with low concentrations of nicotinamide skincare products?

As a hot ingredient in the skin care industry, nicotinamide is a hot ingredient in the skin care industry. From basic cleanser products to lotions, various brand-name essence, and even lotion, sunscreen, and foundation liquid, nicotinamide is a universal ingredient in the skin care industry, which needs to be added wherever.

Nicotinamide is a derivative of vitamin B3, widely found in animals and plants, it has a variety of skin care effects, as an active ingredient with a variety of functions, nicotinamide is widely used in a variety of efficacy of skin care products, with significant skin care effect, therefore, highly respected in the industry.

The use of nicotinamide, can accelerate the melanocytes in the skin cutin exfoliation, at the same time, but also promote skin metabolism, skin care has a very good effect.

Nicotinamide itself has certain stimulates, in the case of insufficient skin tolerance, blindly use contain nicotinamide product, may cause skin redness and swelling, pain, and other problems, serious when can appear even Sao is urticant, desquamate, therefore, in the use of nicotinamide to protect skin to taste, try first, starting from the low concentration, make the skin to adapt to gradually increase after concentration.

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