What are the main forms of caffeic acid?

Do you know anything about caffeic acid? Today, we will give you a brief introduction to caffeic acid.

We see the appearance of caffeic acid for yellow crystal, can in hot water, cold ethanol solution, it is not only the lignin synthesis pathway of metabolites, and intermediate products of benzene propane metabolic pathway in tobacco, mainly exists in the form of ester, glucoside, naturally in Chinese traditional medicine plants, such as, thistle, flos lonicerae, herba artemisiae, etc., can also be used by industrial preparation for caffeic acid, Such as condensation reaction, hydrolysis reaction, demethylation reaction and other chemical synthesis.

We can judge the quality of tobacco leaves by the content of caffeic acid, because caffeic acid is a phenolic substance in tobacco leaves, which plays an important role in the color, flavor, quality and other aspects of tobacco leaves.

Caffeic acid is also widely used in the medical field. Due to its anti-mutagenesis, anti-virus, bacteriostatic and anti-virus effects, caffeic acid is used to prevent and cure various bleeding symptoms, and also plays a positive role in the treatment of tumors, cancers and other diseases.

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