What are the manifestations of nicotinamide intolerance?

In our daily life, the skin will be affected by many external and internal factors, among them, the external factors include ultraviolet (UV) radiation, environmental pollution, wind, hot, dry air, a variety of stimuli, such as the internal factors include internal chronic skin aging and other biochemical changes, and these external and internal factors can lead to skin aging. In aging skin, the levels of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (Coenzyme I) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (Coenzyme II) gradually decay. Nicotinamide is coenzyme I and NADP, the composition of the two kinds of coenzyme components in many biological oxidation-reduction reactions in the middle of hydrogen, it is involved in fat, protein, and DNA synthesis, and cell metabolism, therefore, nicotinamide can prevent the occurrence of spontaneous protein and sugar glycosylation reaction, balance skin energy, at the same time, it can restore cell energy, In addition, nicotinamide can inhibit the degradation of collagen.

Nicotinamide side effects mainly come from the impurity composition, niacin, which exists in the use of high levels of nicotinamide skincare products and can cause skin irritation, there may be redness allergic phenomenon, such as the daily called nicotinamide intolerance problems, therefore, when choosing contains nicotinamide to protect skin to taste, we pay attention to the content of nicotinic acid, choose low content of nicotinic acid nicotinamide quality products.

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