What are the medical applications of caffeic acid?

Caffeic acid has the functions of bacteriostasis, antiviral, anti-snake venom, raising white blood cells, hemostasis and so on. As an organic acid with a variety of effects, caffeic acid is widely used in the medical industry.

Caffeic acid has broad antibacterial spectrum, which can be inactivated by protein in our human body. In terms of antiviral effect, caffeic acid has a very obvious effect on vaccinia adenovirus, and can also play a certain antiviral effect on poliomyelitis type I and parainfluenza type iii viruses.

Caffeic acid can also be used as an anti-snake agent. A mere 3μg of caffeic acid can significantly inhibit 20μg of rattlesnake venom phosphodiesterase.

In clinical application, caffeic acid is mainly used for hemostasis, such as bleeding and hemorrhagic diseases in surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, etc. Caffeic acid can play a very effective role. In addition, caffeic acid can also inactivate vitamin B1 and promote white blood cells.

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