How does niacin change into nicotinamide in the human body?

Nicotinic acid and nicotinamide are a kind of transformation relations, nicotinic acid in the body after being absorbed into niacinamide, both are very similar, the nature of the biggest difference is that acid and alkali, nicotinic acid of acid are too high, and nicotinamide showed the weak alkaline, which is why the nicotinamide can be widely used in the cosmetics industry and nicotinic acid deficiency.

Nicotinamide not only has a suitable acid-base, but also can prevent the transmission of melanosomes between melanocytes and keratinocytes, thus inhibiting the serine protease, the proteinase-activated receptor can not be activated, and thus can play the role of melanosomes cannot be transmitted. That is, nicotinamide can promote the metabolism of melanocytes and synthesize proteins in the skin epidermis. Nicotinamide can inhibit melanin precipitation and whiten the skin. In our commonly used skin care products, you can find the use of nicotinamide.

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