Why can niacinamide be used in skin care?

Because the external use of cosmetic grade nicotinamide helps to increase the content of free fat and ceramide in the skin, stimulate the microcirculation in the dermis, and effectively reduce skin moisture loss, daily use of cosmetic grade niacinamide skin care products really can play a moisturizing effect! Whether the moisturizing effect is obvious or not also has a certain relationship with the skin itself. From the analysis of its mechanism of action, this is a good skin care ingredient, but the actual effect may be different, including consumers’ feelings.

Cosmetic grade niacinamide can promote skin metabolism and protein synthesis, accelerate keratin cell differentiation and relieve skin irritation caused by surfactants. Therefore, many skin care product manufacturers use cosmetic grade niacinamide in the production process, which can also be used to reduce skin irritation caused by other components in the product.

Cosmetic grade niacinamide is used with glycerin to enhance the moisturizing effect, but also significantly relieves dry skin symptoms and keeps skin moist. Cosmetic grade niacinamide has low cost and high safety and is an important additive material for many skin care products.

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