What is the positive effect of niacinamide on relieving skin aging?

Nicotinamide, also known as vitamin B3 and vitamin PP, is a member of the vitamin family. It has excellent stability in the solution of pH 6. Because nicotinamide has a very small molecular weight, it can quickly penetrate the cuticle into the depths of our skin, blocking the transfer of melanin and speeding up metabolism. In medicine, the ingredient can also be used to treat skin diseases such as pellagra, stomatitis and solar dermatitis.

Nicotinamide has a variety of functions, not only can be used for skin treatment, but also can be used in skin care products, and its use effect is more obvious.

As a medicinal ingredient, nicotinamide has high safety and is also a basic vitamin supplement in clinical dermatological treatment. It is widely used in the treatment of photosensitive dermatitis and acne. In recent years, studies have shown that nicotinamide has good application effect in inhibiting melanosis and anti-inflammatory.

In addition to the traditional whitening effect, nicotinamide is also used to reduce the generation and precipitation of melanin, block its transfer to the surface cells, accelerate cell metabolism and melanin keratinocyte shedding, which plays an important role in the field of whitening.

Nicotinamide can greatly reduce or eliminate skin aging phenomenon, such as wrinkles, peeling, coarse pores, reduce free radical damage to the skin, prevent aging, repair the skin, reduce facial dullness.

For most of the skin barrier damage caused by improper care or not care, especially excessive care, nicotinamide has a good repair effect, maintain skin moisture, promote dermis microcirculation, increase keratin synthesis, increase the level of free ceramide content in the skin, at the same time, can effectively enhance moisturizing strength.

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