How does niacinamide whiten skin?

Melanin, carotenoid, and heme are the main coloring substances in our human skin. Among them, melanin plays a very key role in the color of our skin, and its distribution and content in the skin are decisive factors.

It is known that our gender and race do not affect the amount of melanin in the body, mainly related to our age. Melanin tends to decline with age, so how is it produced? Synthesis of melanin in the rough endoplasmic reticulum of our epidermal basal melanocytes, transported to the Golgi apparatus, and packed into a membrane-like structure, producing melanosome, in the face of melanin, cosmetic grade nicotinamide can play what role?

We know that cosmetic grade niacinamide is a good whitening component, it will have a certain impact on melanin, such as inhibiting the generation of melanin, and reducing the melanin that has been generated, to achieve the ideal whitening effect.

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