Why is nicotinamide a popular skincare ingredient?

Nicotinamide, as a popular skin care ingredient in the skin field, has whitening, freckle removal, anti-aging, pore contraction and other effects on the skin. Nicotinamide is a kind of skin care ingredient with a variety of effects, and its effect on the skin is more comprehensive.

It is estimated that most people use nicotinamide products to lighten their skin. The principle of nicotinamide whitening skin is to block the transport of melanocytes to keratinocytes, at the same time, it can promote human metabolism, accelerate the decomposition of melanin in the body.

The anti-aging principle of nicotinamide is mainly antioxidant. One of the reasons for the popularity of nicotinamide products may be that it can both turn skin from black to white and make dull and yellowed skin fairer through antioxidant.

With the growth of skin age, skin luster and barrier function will decline, intuitive performance is rough skin, water, easy to sensitive. Nicotinamide can promote the synthesis of ceramide in the skin and accelerate the differentiation of keratinocytes. Generally speaking, it makes the skin full, supple and elastic by strengthening the skin’s resistance and moisturizing ability.

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