Why is nicotinamide more easily absorbed by the skin?

A lot of people know that nicotinamide has a whitening effect on the skin, but actually, nicotinamide not only has a whitening effect on the skin, but also has some other effects, so what else does nicotinamide have on the skin?

Nicotinamide has a whitening effect on the skin. Nicotinamide molecules are relatively small and will be quickly absorbed when applied to the skin. It can effectively promote the shedding and metabolism of melanocytes in the skin, and also promote the generation of collagen, making nicotinamide play a role in whitening the skin.

Niacinamide also have a certain anti-aging effect, this is because nicotinamide can promote the generation of collagen in the skin, at the same time, can effectively reduce facial pigment, wrinkles, sagging and other issues, therefore, in many anti-aging skincare products also have added niacinamide, itself can effectively resist the saccharification, after besmear is on the skin, can reduce pigmentation caused glycosylated protein, It can also improve the facial dullness and sallow complexion caused by glycation.

In addition, nicotinamide has a variety of effects on the skin such as moisturizing, fading spots, and repairing barrier functions.

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