How many usage can nicotinamide achieve whitening effect?

Because nicotinamide has a whitening effect, and a wide range of applications, therefore, we have a certain understanding of it, nicotinamide belongs to the derivative of vitamin B3, can brighten the skin, increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and narrow pores, but also can play a certain anti-aging, acne and other effects.

Nicotinamide is a skin care product in the whitening component, its use concentration is generally 2%~5%, but nicotinamide in addition to the whitening effect, but also on melasma, ultraviolet caused by the pigmentation can also play a certain role in relief.

When we use nicotinamide, would it be better if we combined it with N-acetylglucosamine? Through double-blind, stromal-controlled human experiments, we found that the skin of healthy people has good tolerance to nicotinamide and N-acetylglucosamine skin care products, and can also reduce pigmentation. Therefore, when choosing skin care products, we can choose ingredients with corresponding functions according to the product needs.

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