What effect can nicotinamide action have at skin?

Nicotinamide plays a very important role in skin care products such as whitening, anti-wrinkle, narrowing pores, and strengthening the skin barrier.

Nicotinamide helps whiten our skin by speeding up melanin metabolism and blocking melanin transport to the cuticle.

Nicotinamide can play an anti-wrinkle role by stimulating collagen white egg regeneration and reducing monosaccharide GAG production.

Nicotinamide Narrows pores by reducing the production of oil, and can also make skin smoother when applied in moderate amounts over time.

Adding an appropriate amount of nicotinamide to skin care products can not only properly improve the adverse reactions caused by external stimuli, but also improve the skin color, so that the dark yellow skin color is not, but also increase the lipids and proteins in the skin barrier layer, improve the resistance of the barrier.

Of course, when we use skin care products containing nicotinamide, some people may have discomfort. Therefore, we recommend a partial trial before use, and then formal use after the trial is normal.

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