How much is the amount of nicotinamide added in skincare products?

Nicotinamide is the star ingredient in skin care formulas and is very popular. The additional amount of nicotinamide in skin care products is generally 2%~5%, so how should we use the skin care products containing nicotinamide?

We need to first establish skin tolerance to nicotinamide. In the beginning, starting from a low concentration of 1%-3%, allergy tests are carried out on sensitive parts such as behind the ear and inside the wrist. After confirming that there is no allergy, a small amount of the face can be applied, and then the whole face can be applied after there is no abnormality. After a period of use, the concentration and frequency of nicotinamide can be gradually increased, that is, from low concentration to high concentration, from spot to the whole face, from low frequency to multi-frequency, to give the skin enough time to adapt to nicotinamide, so that the tolerance is slowly built up.

In the use of nicotinamide skin care products, when nicotinamide in low pH value, nicotinamide is easy to become niacin, irritating to the skin, therefore, should not be used with acid skin care products, will increase the irritation to the skin. In addition, pregnant and nursing mothers are not advised to use skin care products containing nicotinamide, which may have adverse effects on the baby.

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