Which skincare products have nicotinamide added?

Nicotinamide can be used as a nutritional additive in cosmetics, as well as in medicine, food, and feed additives. In the nicotinamide skin care products that we often come into contact with, nicotinamide is an effective active ingredient, it can play the role of whitening, moisturizing, hydrating, controlling oil, acne, anti-aging, and so on. Therefore, skin care products and cosmetics containing nicotinamide are very helpful for skin care.

Nicotinamide essence generally refers to the essence of nicotinamide and other functional components added, nicotinamide essence whitening effect is more obvious, therefore, we also call it nicotinamide whitening essence.

Nicotinamide toner is a kind of skin toner containing nicotinamide, which has the effect of deep hydrating, whitening, and whitening spots. In addition to being used as a toner, it can also be used as a wet compress for better results.

Added nicotinamide emulsion, whitening skin care effect is very good, the use of nicotinamide emulsion is very simple, first, clean the face, and then gently pat the face with toner, and then evenly apply the right amount of nicotinamide emulsion with fingers.

Nicotinamide stock solution is a kind of skin care product that only adds a single high concentration of nicotinamide component. The formula is simple. The concentration of the stock solution is usually 2%, 3%, 5%, 10%, etc., which can meet the needs of different types of skin.

Nicotinamide cream contains highly active nicotinamide, which naturally modifies and brightens the skin tone for radiant and delicate skin. When combined with other ingredients in creams, they often hydrate, whiten, and tone down fine lines, as well as nicotinamide cleansers and personal care products such as nicotinamide body, wash and nicotinamide body lotion.

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