How can nicotinamide and niacin be distinguished?

People, who often use skin care products should know that nicotinamide is added to many skin care products, among which nicotinic acid is also a component, so nicotinamide and nicotinic acid is the same substance.

Nicotinamide is an amide compound of nicotinic acid. They are two different substances. An amide compound is a compound formed when hydrogen is replaced by an acyl group. Nicotinic acid belongs to the vitamin group, vitamin b3. It plays a very important role in our body and is an indispensable component. If the body lacks it, it can lead to disease. Niacin can lower cholesterol in the body, but also can inhibit the hydrolysis of fat, reduce cholesterol rise, can prevent heart disease. Efficacy on vascular disease. Niacin also has anti-aging properties.

Nicotinamide is a derivative of the B vitamin group and a component of coenzyme I and Coenzyme II. It is the coenzyme of many dehydrogenases. Lack of nicotinamide will affect the normal respiration and metabolism of cells and can cause pellagra.

At present, nicotinamide can be divided into cosmetic nicotinamide, medical nicotinamide, and food nicotinamide, of which cosmetic nicotinamide is widely used in our skincare products, and its skincare effect is also very obvious. Nicotinamide can repair the cuticle of the skin while creating a protective film on the surface of the skin that locks in moisture and rehydrates it. Nicotinamide can also dilute melanin, make the skin whiter, brighten the skin, accelerate cell metabolism, inhibit skin oil secretion, improve the coarse pores and blackhead condition, and shrink pores.

Although niacin and nicotinamide are two different substances, both have many important functions and effects. Nicotinamide can be used for skin care or medicine, nicotinic acid can also be used as a drugs synthesis of intermediate substances.

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