What is the effect of nicotinamide concentration on skin absorption?

Skincare products containing nicotinamide are suitable for people over the age of 18. Young users can choose skin care products with more mild ingredients. Nicotinamide has multiple skin care effects. When the concentration of nicotinamide is lower than 2%, the absorption rate increases linearly with the added amount, the concentration exceeds 2%, the absorption rate will not increase linearly, although the higher the concentration of nicotinamide, the better the effect, but at the same time, the irritation will greatly increase, so that a lot of skin can not stand, and the occurrence of allergies, therefore, we choose nicotinamide products, must start from low concentration, After establishing skin tolerance, gradually choose high-concentration nicotinamide skincare products.

Nicotinamide can play an antioxidant role in the fight against aging and improve fine lines to a certain extent, but the antioxidant effect of nicotinamide is different from that of VC. Niacinamide is a precursor to NAD/NADP, an important substance in the body. Using niacinamide provides the skin with reduced levels of NADPH, which increases the rate and amount of synthesis of various components in the skin, from keratin to collagen.

Nicotinamide can repair the skin barrier function mainly by promoting the synthesis of ceramide in the skin and accelerating the differentiation of keratinocytes. When the NADP in the skin is insufficient, the skin will show signs of aging, the renewal rate will be slow, the skin glossiness will be poor and the protective function will be weakened.

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