What is the effect of nicotinamide concentration on skincare efficacy?

Nicotinamide is a relatively stable vitamin B group member, in addition to the traditional whitening effect, and is also used to reduce the melanin precipitation, blocking melanin to the transfer of surface cells, accelerate the metabolism of cells, accelerate the melanin cutin cell falls off and so on, nicotinamide also can keep skin moisture content, promote the dermis microcirculation.

When we use nicotinamide at a concentration of 2 percent, it can help prevent melanin from reaching the surface of our skin, which is to brighten the complexion. When the concentration of nicotinamide reaches 5%, it has an antioxidant effect and the ability to prevent skin aging.

Nicotinamide skin care effect is more comprehensive, but its only drawback is the impurities in the raw materials – nicotinic acid, which is a kind of composition? Nicotinic acid can cause skin irritation, and after use will also cause sensitive skin redness and itching, therefore, we should choose nicotinamide with fewer impurities, high purity, and less nicotinic acid, so as not to cause skin irritation.

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