Why can nicotinamide converge pores?

Nicotinamide is restrain melanin, repairs the skin barrier, anti-aging, moisturizes, containment, and other skincare ingredients, therefore, there are many skin care products that will add nicotinamide as an important component because nicotinamide as the active ingredient, a small molecule, nature is stable, is used to protect skin to taste, can quickly through the skin cutin layer is absorbed by the skin.

We may know more about nicotinamide as a whitening agent. Because nicotinamide can inhibit the production and precipitation of melanin, it can whiten the skin and improve the skin yellowing phenomenon, so it is widely used in skincare products with a whitening effect.

In addition to whitening, nicotinamide has strong healing powers, repairing the skin, improving damaged cuticles, and also improving redness in the skin.

Using products containing nicotinamide can also reduce skin aging problems, help reduce facial wrinkles and pigmentation, stimulate collagen regeneration, increase skin metabolism, and keep skin youthful.

Nicotinamide has the ability to moisturize. Using a skin care product containing nicotinamide can moisturize the skin, reduce the loss of moisture, and keep the skin hydrated.

If you want to improve the enlarged pores, we can also try nicotinamide, because nicotinamide can reduce the production of fatty acids and triglycerides in sebum, which has the effect of controlling oil secretion, and the reduction of oil secretion converges pores.

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