How does nicotinamide desalinate melanin?

Because the nicotinamide molecule is small, it can be directly absorbed by skin cells, which can maintain the energy balance of the skin, restore cell energy, and accelerate the synthesis of collagen, to avoid excessive pigmentation of skin melanin caused by low oil content and thin cuticle.

When melanin formation, it is invisible to the naked eye, because just produce melanin time hasn’t passed to the epidermis, dermis niacinamide for these, however, has been done in black and has very strong inhibition, arrived at the epidermis can reduce pigment by about one-third, to have the effect of melanin, for some pigmentation such as pigmentation, sunburn, Nicotinamide also has a certain dilution effect.

In addition, nicotinamide also has the effect of promoting protein synthesis in the epidermis, preventing dynamic wrinkles, increasing skin resistance, preventing skin aging, and delaying aging also has a good effect, therefore, there are many manufacturers of skin care products nicotinamide is widely used in anti-aging products.

Nicotinamide is not for everyone, and some people are very sensitive to nicotinamide or do not easily build up a tolerance. The main manifestations of intolerance are facial redness, irritation, itching, and dry peeling, accompanied by tightness and acne. The use of nicotinamide products requires an adaptation period. We can use them step by step, using low concentrations first, and then gradually adapting to high concentrations. Before using them, try them on the skin behind the ear, and then use them normally on the face when there is no abnormality.

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